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Welcome to the newly renovated Ballybride.com.  I hope that you enjoy your visit and please feel free to leave feedback.

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Ballybride is a small townland located 1 mile North West of Roscommon town, the capital town of County Roscommon, in the West of Ireland. It consists of approximately 450 acres with approximately 25 houses. It is in the Civil Parish of Roscommon and the Barony of Ballintober South.

Ballybride gets its name from the Irish term 'Baile na Bríde', which is the Irish for the 'town of Brigid'. St Brigid's Well is on the Western side of the townland (See the Maps section for further details). St Brigid is one of Ireland's most famous Saints and her Holy Day is celebrated on the 1st of February each year.

If you have any old photos or stories relating to Ballybride, or indeed the general Roscommon area, please e-mail me with the details. All contributors and sources will be gratefully acknowledged. You can contact me at: 

Email address

In the PDF download page, I now have the following information:

1857: Griffith's Valuation for Ballybride, Ballyboughan, Loughnaneane and Ardkeel
1873: Return of Landowners Details for County Roscommon
1901: Census results for Ballybride, Ballyboughan, Loughnaneane and Ardkeel
1911: Census results for Ballybride, Ballyboughan, Loughnaneane and Ardkeel - COMING SOON
1932: List of Electorate for Ballybride, Ballyboughan and Ardkeel



I am very grateful to the following people who have given me permission to use the Census and other related material.

Ed Finn at Leitrim - Roscommon Leitrim Roscommon Website
John Hunter at Resource County Roscommon Resource County Roscommon website


Both of the above sites are fantastic reference points for anyone tracing their ancestors in County Roscommon and the surrounding areas.


DISCLAIMER: This site is run on a voluntary basis and is for information purposes only.  No responsibility is accepted for any loss of business or financial loss incurred as a result of the unavailability of this site, or removal of previously listed information.

Last update: June 2007

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Searching for Official Irish DocumentsFor years I've been genealogist that is recommending record agent Hilda McGauley. The Full Site also contains information about buying hand that is right automobiles in the U.S., left hand to right hand drive conversions, and an essential restriction for those importing cars upon using up residency in Ireland. This is a given, but in every seriousness, we stress about pupils just away from university whom imagine they can show up with a barista and backpack skills and think they�ll be grand. Education: Free primary education and secondary education education is available to all young children(under 18) legally resident in Ireland. Whenever the Yanks discovered her practice, her familiarity with IRS taxation credits and compliance that is foreign expanded apace.

A work visa Ah sure, exactly what do you do?

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